To engage in, fund, carry on, conduct or take part in programs, projects and services designed to improve, protect and/or restore tourism and economic development in the areas of Missouri affected by the December 2005, breech of the Taum Sauk Reservoir.

Iron County Economic Partnership
Mission Statement

The Iron County Taum Sauk Fund was built on a shared vision for improving the quality of life of people adversely impacted by breach of the Taum Sauk Reservoir in 2005. 

Click here to download our plan to accomplish the mission.

When settlement moneys became available, community leaders asked Missouri’s then Attorney General Jay Nixon to give local citizens the opportunity to invest and direct the use of these assets in a manner that they believed would best benefit their neighbors.

The Taum Sauk Fund, Inc. was incorporated on February 7, 2008 as a tax-exempt non-profit organization with the $7 million settlement. On March 14, 2008 Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon came to Lesterville to swear in the first nine-member Board of Directors, including:

  • Judith (Judy) Allen, Bunker
  • Henry Balderas, Black
  • Larry Barnes, Ellington
  • Thomas W. Crowell, Arcadia
  • Jim Erpenbach, Ironton
  • Jim Hill, Ellington
  • Kurt Homeyer, Ellington
  • Mary Peterson, Van Buren
  • Paul V. Usher II, Ironton

Since that time, members of the Board of Directors from Iron County and Reynolds County decided to equally divide the funds and separate the original organization into two. The Taum Sauk Fund now works on projects specific to Reynolds County. The Iron County Taum Sauk Fund, now Iron County Economic Partnership (ICEP), received it’s half of the funding in December 2011.

The Iron County Taum Sauk Fund continues its efforts in conjunction with grant recipients and community volunteers to achieve the vision of economic development and travel & tourism development conceived by community and state leaders.  See Treasurer Reports for current balance of ICEP funds.


Iron County is a thriving destination for business and outdoor recreation in Southeast Missouri. The County provides high-quality living, lodging, dining, and recreational opportunities for visitors, as well as good-paying jobs for its residents.

Iron County Economic Partnership
Vision Statement

Current Board & Staff


  • Brian Matt – Treasurer – President
    Census Tract 9501 (Viburnum)
  • Gary Lotz – Secretary
    Census Tract 9502 (Arcadia)
  • September Bennett – Board Member
    Census Tract 9503 (Pilot Knob)
  • Mike Mayberry – Board Member
    Census Tract 9504 (Annapolis)
  • Connie Reed – Administrative Director
  • Jim Scaggs – Iron County Presiding Commissioner
  • Michael Hackworth – Legal Counsel


Nomination for Director
The Iron County Economic Partnership Board of Directors, in accordance with its bylaws, is accepting letters of interest from those who have interest in serving as a volunteer Director on the Iron County Economic Partnership Board of Directors.  Any member of the community may nominate himself, herself, or someone else.  ICEP will continue to solicit nominations until all openings are filled.


If you are nominated or choose to be considered as a candidate for an open position on the ICEP Board of Directors, please complete this form.  You may also attach any additional information that would be helpful to review in considering your application. Return this information by email to: connie@iron.fyi or deliver in person to the ICEP Office located at 250 S. Main Street in Ironton. Please, DO NOT put this form in the U.S. Mail. Openings will be filled by at least a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.  Nominees must declare their candidacy in writing or in person. The census tract map may be viewed or downloaded here.


ICEP bylaws set forth specific qualifications and disqualifications for service. You may read these qualifications and disqualifications on pages 4 and 5 of the bylaws here.  For more information about the ICEP call Connie Reed, Administrative Director at 573-915-1569.


As a rural community just outside the orbit of St. Louis, Iron County will have to work diligently to connect itself to the investment and visitor potential of the metropolitan area and beyond.


Specifically, the county must improve its product (enhance its current assets and create new destinations), better tell its story, and create a mechanism for sustaining the economic vitality of the county.

Iron County Economic Partnership
Invest in Iron County Plan

In the past ICEP has funded economic development projects with both for profit and non-profit entities that:

  • directly create jobs in Iron County
  • provide workforce development and other jobs training to Iron County residents and for Iron County employers, and
  • make below-market loans available to businesses that may not be able to get other support.

ICEP is typically not a majority funder of economic development projects.

We have a plan in place that guides major portions of the work we do. You can find the plan here.

To receive more information on how to partner with ICEP, please contact Connie Reed at 573-915-1569 or via e-mail to connie@iron.fyi.

ICEP also makes available Community Event funding for hosts of events that are designed to attract and increase tourism and traveler spending in Iron County.

Any funding provided by ICEP is limited by restrictions imposed by the Missouri Attorney General’s Office in the original settlement these restrictions are reflected in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. Funding provided by ICEP must also comply with IRS laws and guidance for 501(c)(3) organizations.


Support the retention and expansion of existing business (both large and small), as well as recruit new business to the county.

Lead a project-oriented marketing campaign to identify prospective investors and developers.  


Promote Iron County as the premier visitor destination in Southeast Missouri by linking assets and developing new destination products.  


Support the formation of new business in the county. 


Ensure a quality workforce for existing and future employers.

Iron County Economic Partnership
Invest in Iron County Plan

Iron County Economic Partnership received initial funding of 3.4 million dollars in December, 2011.

If you have questions about Iron County Economic Partnership financials, please contact treasurer Brian Matt.

You can monitor our finances, spending and the value of our investments by reviewing our treasurer reports here.

Corporate documents, including our ByLaws, Census Tract Map and annual Public Financial Statements can be found here.

Click here to download or view adopted meeting minutes of Iron County Economic Partnership Board meetings.

Click here to download or view agendas of Iron County Economic Development

Commercial buildings and land listings are here.


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